Picture of Tomas, October 2004 Tomas, October 2004

Brief Bio:

Retired CTO of a small tech company.

25 years as an engineer/project manager/engineering manager in
the old Bell System, including invited residence at Bell Telephone
Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ, 1982-1983. (houxm!houxa!9212tjl)

UNIX System III, IV, V user since 1981, Xenix 1.0-3.1 user since
1984, Mac user since 1986, and I don't do Windows (never have).
Currently use Mac OS X (freeBSD based OS).

USAF, 1966-1970; Republic of Viet Nam, Binh Dinh province,
II Corps, Central Highlands, 1969-1970.

Broadcast Tech (studio camera, switcher, transmitter maintenance)
at KTVW-TV 1964-1966

Radio announcer/DJ/news at KTOY-FM and KTNT 1963-1965

Commercial Broadcast license since 1963.

== "This is a Microsoft Free Zone." ==